network switch - what is network switch


network switch what is network switch

A network switch is ahardware device that centralizes communications among multiple connected devices within local area network (LAN).The main difference between a switch and a hub is,switches are capable of inspecting incoming messages as they're received and direct them to a selected communications port - a technology called packet switching.It works this fashion to conserve network bandwidth and usually improve performance compared to hubs. it's circuit layer (layer-2) device in OSI reference model.

Switch can perform error checking before forwarding data, that creates it very efficient as it doesn't forward packets that have errors and forward good packets selectively to correct port only.

A switch filters the information packets, and only sends the packet to the port which is connected to the destination address of that packet. It does this by keeping a table of every destination address and its port. When the switch receives a packet, it reads the destination address and so establishes a connection between the source port and also the destination port. After the packet is distributed, the connection is terminated.

network switch network switch

Advantages of network Switch -

1. A switch provides higher total throughput than a hub because it can support multiple simultaneous conversations.

2. Switches also run fully duplex mode, which allows data to be sent and received across the network at the identical time. Switches can effectively double the speed of the network compared to a hub which only supports half duplex mode.

Types of network switches -

Managed Switches -

A type of network switch within which differing types of methods are wont to manage the different parts of the network and may ready to upgrade the working and also the performance of the switch with the assistance of common methods of management is named as the managed network switch.

Unmanaged Network Switch -

Basically these networking switches are designed for those customers that aren't able to spend more cash because those are less costly. a kind of network switch in which interface isn't involved is named as unmanaged network switches. They are designed for the direct use.

Smart Switches -

Basically the smart network switches are the important sorts of managed switches in which the particular management features are discussed. Typically these switches re used for the networking devices like VLANs. They also increase the working ability of the parts connected by the switches.

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