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Learn-computer.in has some terms and conditions on our website for the services that it reaches you. Terms and conditions of Learn-computer.in
It is normal for whichever person operates our website. They can be used easily.

Backup :-
We are responsible for all content that resides on our website if for any reason we need to backup our content. If we have to take backup of our material Will take Not a user. Because it is our duty to keep the information of the users safe.

Links to external sites :-
Our website may contain links to external sites that have been linked to provide you with more information related to your information. And which is not operated by us. If you click on those links, you will be directed to the external website.

Limitation of liability :-
We keep the information of anyone operating on our website completely confidential. And do not give this confidential information to any third person for any benefit.

Changes and amendments :-
We reserve the right to revise our policies related to the services of this website from time to time. Which will be in the interest of this website and various people working on this website.

Acceptance of these terms :-
You all believe that all of you have had to write this terms and conditions and agree to all the terms and conditions of this website. And with this consent, you are using the services of this website.

Contact us :-
If you want to understand even more about this agreement then you can do so through our contact form.

Or we can also send email to bastaruniversity7@gmail.com.

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